RUN - Pre/Intra Run Fuel -CSI

Running a Half or longer - RUN has you covered!
There is simply no safer way to fuel! When you have all the calories and electrolytes you need in your bottle, mixed at an ideal concentration, just drink and perform.

RUN uses 3 difference carbohydrates sources: sucrose, dextrose and maltodextrin to improve absorption which ultimately means more energy and key electrolytes to your muscles. If you are running out of gas, getting dizzy or not recovering strongly, you have a nutritional gap, we would love to fix it. Running can be hard, nutrition shouldn't be.

Osmolality: 238
Calories/Serving: 220
Cost/Serving: $2.81
Cost/100 Calories: $1.28
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Price: $59.95
RUN - Pre/Intra Run Fuel -CSI
RUN - Pre/Intra Run Fuel -CSI
Product Details
Getting the concentration of a drink right, is the key.  Don't get caught guessing!

All the calories and electrolytes you need to safely run all day long!  

The key to sports nutrition is rapid gastric emptying.  Too much science?  All you need to know is that what you are using to fuel has to be a lower concentration than your bodily fluids.  Our during blends are always isotonic (less concentrated) than your bodily fluids ensuring your energy and electrolytes get to your muscles and not get stuck in your gut.  Get this right and you are able to safely maximize your caloric intake.  Simple: all in one bottle, drink and perform.

Common Uses: 
Half marathons or longer, Olympic Tri's or longer

How to Use: Add 1 serving to 600ml, drink and go.

Servings: 21 servings per packet

Flavour: All Natural Orange
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