New Zealand Whey Isolate - The Gold Standard for Protein
RAW protein has the strongest nutritional profile of any protein on the market. This matters to you, as it best supports growth and recovery of muscles. New Zealand is known to have the best protocols in the world for dairy production, no growth hormone, cattle are free range and feed on natural grasses. This feels right, but also results in the strongest amino acid profile of any protein on the market with 14.3% Leucine content.

When you use a high quality protein you will not feel as sore and achy after hard efforts.

Osmolality: N/A
Calories/Serving: 86
Number of servings per container: 230
Price: $311.99
Product Details
Everything you love about Infinit Vanilla Raw, now in 230 serving bulk tubs! 

Can't get all your protein requirements from "Real Food"?

Competitive athletes require 0.7 to 0.8g of protein per pound of body weight, to maintain lean muscle mass and ultimately performance.  When your protein requirements are not achieved through real food, adding RAW as required will support.

Our RAW products have no added sugar, carbs or anything artificial.  The isolation process used to produce the Whey Isolate eliminates all of the undesirable characteristics of dairy.  The best amino acid profile of any protein on the market, means your muscles will have all the necessary components to support protein synthesis, which leads to optimum growth and repair of muscle.

Vanilla RAW will not clump when you mix it.  Throw away your shaker bottle, it's not necessary when you are using the highest quality protein available.

Common Uses: 
Use to boost protein intake as required.

How to Use: Mix in smoothies or milk/almond milk sweetened to taste.

Servings: 230 servings per bulk pail *** for nutritional details click on bag on this page
Flavour: Vanilla

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