Custom Recovery - CSI

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Fully support your recovery with a Custom Recovery and be back to your best tomorrow!
Custom Recovery was created to handle all three phases of recovery: protein synthesis, glycogen synthesis and re-hydration, all important in order to be fully recovered for your next big effort. Custom Recovery packs carbohydrates in from 3 sources and protein from New Zealand Whey Isolate to drive your complete recovery. It can also include BCAA's and electrolytes, taken immediately after your toughest sessions, you will get full benefit from your hardest efforts.

A Recovery that will get you back to your best.

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Custom Recovery - CSI
Custom Recovery - CSI
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Used and trusted by Canada's top athletes, competing on the track, field, water and ice.

The key to optimum recovery is a blend that provides the required carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes.  CUSTOM RECOVERY uses the best quality protein available from New Zealand.  Our whey isolate contains the highest proportion of Leucine of all proteins available (14.3%), Leucine is the key to protein synthesis.  Carbohydrates are coming from 3 sources: sucrose, dextrose and maltodextrin, this improves absorption, which gets more energy to your muscles, faster.  Optimum level of electrolytes can also be added so hydration levels are restored as quickly as possible, ensuring the efficient transfer of nutrients to muscles and further aiding in your recovery. You decide how many carbs and how much protein is needed.

Common Uses: 
Recovery from competition/workouts lasting 60 minutes or longer.

How to Use: 1 serving post workout.  Mix 1 serving with 600 ml of water.

Servings: 17 servings per pouch

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