REVIVE - Sleep Recovery (Chocolate)

Developed with Bobby Tran of CrossFit WHL

Infinit Revive is a sleep recovery product - New Zealand Whey Isolate / Micellar Casein Protein + natural flavour.

Developed to allow high volume strength and conditioning athletes to recovery fully during fasting periods (sleep). All the real fuel you need, no gums, thickeners or artificial sweeteners, just fuel! Revive has a rich vanilla flavour, packed with 26 g protein and only 5 g carbohydrates, that will ensure you are ready for tomorrow's big effort.

Osmolality: N/A
Calories/Serving: 187
Cost/Serving: $2.95
Cost/100 Calories: $1.58.
Price: $58.95
REVIVE - Sleep Recovery (Chocolate)
REVIVE - Sleep Recovery (Chocolate)
Product Details
Are you waking up, sore and fatigued?  Find it hard to get up for your next workout or just not making the gains you expect?

Revive is formulated to take advantage of one of the most important opportunities to support the growth and recovery of muscle tissues, without too many calories.  One of the most optimal times to support growth and repair of muscle is when growth hormone levels are at their highest, this occurs once athletes enter deep sleep or REM sleep.  Most times athletes are in a fasted state when this occurs.  Infinit Revive was designed to provide a steady stream of amino acids to support protein synthesis through out sleep will minimizing the total calories and specifically the amount of carbohydrates.

26 g of protein comes from two sources: fast acting New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate (10g) and slow release Micellar Casein Protein (16g).  Carbohydrates are at 5 g, with less than 1 g of that coming from sugar.  A non-dairy creamer that provides a small level of fats and rich consistency.  Product is flavoured with an all natural vanilla flavour.  Perfect blend to be enjoyed just before bed.  

Common Uses: 
Recovery during sleep (fasting).

How to Use: 1 serving just prior to bed.  Mix 1 serving with 400-500 ml of water.

Servings: Check: 20 servings per packet

Flavour: All natural Vanilla
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"Revive helps me keep my well earned muscle development"

Carol Kay on 8/30/2019 5:31:03 PM

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Your Thoughts about the Product: I have just read Stacy Sims book 'Roar' which discusses physiology, training, nutrition, etc in female athletes. Its fantastic. Dr. Sims recommends menopausal athletes consume significant protein within 30 minutes of finishing a workout as we are susceptible to having our muscle go into a catabolic state. Revive is a delicious and easy to make recovery drink that I consume within 30 minutes after an evening bike training session, right before I head to bed.