X-CITE - BULK (Lemon)

X-Cite will get you ready and support you during your toughest WOD's.

Managing your calorie deficit during workouts supports your best performance and starts your recovery. X-Cite was created with CrossFit athletes, had to be low in sugar, have protein, calories, BCAA's and electrolytes - but couldn't interfere with the workout. Using a small amount of sugar, a real energy source allows us to avoid artificial sweeteners, while delivering a drink that tastes great through out your workouts.

X-Cite will allow you to perform at your full potential, going deeper into strength and conditioning efforts, that will ratchet your performance to new levels.

Osmolality: 185
Calories/Serving: 173
Cost/Serving: $1.55
Cost/100 Calories: $0.90
Price: $233.33
X-CITE - BULK (Lemon)
X-CITE - BULK (Lemon)
Product Details
X-Cite, created to fuel CrossFit athletes completely.

The blend is formulated to be rapidly absorbed and never interfere with your performance.  Packed with necessary electrolytes, carbohydrates, protein and even key branched chain amino acids to prevent muscle damage and then promote optimum recovery.

Carbohydrates are coming from 3 sources: sucrose, dextose and maltodextrin, this improves absorption, which gets more energy to your muscles, faster.  Maintaining energy levels and hydration is key to reaching your highest performance.

Common Uses: 
Pre and during daily WOD's.

How to Use: 1 serving per hour.  Mix 1 serving with 600 ml of water.

Servings: 150 servings per bulk pail
  Flavour: All natural Lemon Flavour
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