Rugby Fuel System

Official Fuel of Rugby Canada, RUCK is formulated to meet the explosive demands of rugby - all the carbs, protein, electrolytes, and branched chain amino acids for the absolute toughest of matches.

RUCK - 165 Calories/Serving. 8 Servings/Pack
REPAIR - 309 Calories/Serving. 4 Servings/Pack
RAW - Calories/Serving 83. 9 Servings/Pack

***no other discounts can be applied to this offer
Price: $79.95
Rugby Fuel System
Rugby Fuel System
Product Details
The Rugby Fuel System is a great way to experience the difference all 3 products can make on the way you perform on and off the field.

2 GO! Packs RUCK
The low osmolality formulation for short explosive efforts involved on the field.  Carbs, protein, BCAA's and electrolytes, we have you covered.

2 GO! Packs REPAIR
The Best Recovery Drink on the Planet. Ultra-premium, all-natural ingredients for the best recovery drink on the planet.

2 GO! Packs RAW 
A high quality, rapidly absorbed protein which is very versatile. It enables the athlete get more clean protein in protein intake doesn't match their activity level. 

***no other discounts can be applied to this offer

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