Cycling Fuel System

Whether riding 1000 km a week or hitting the road for a few hours on the weekend, RIDE is formulated to maximize your caloric intake, keep you optimally hydrated, and initiate the recovery process. Going shorter? Grab a JET FUEL.

JET FUEL - 159 Calories/Serving. 8 Servings/Pack
RIDE - Calories/Serving 274. 4 Servings/Pack
REPAIR - 309 Calories/Serving. 4 Servings/Pack

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Price: $79.95
Cycling Fuel System
Cycling Fuel System
Product Details
The Cycling Fuel System is a great way to experience the difference all 3 products can make short and long bike efforts along with your recovery.Fuelling well allows you to perform and feel good!

2 GO! Packs JET FUEL
The low osmolality formulation for short explosive efforts like spinning or Time Trial efforts.

2 GO! Packs RIDE
The higher calorie RIDE blend, will support your medium to long bike efforts, anything 90 minutes or longer - RIDE will help you stay energized and then help your recovery.

2 GO! Packs REPAIR
The Best Recovery Drink on the Planet. Ultra-premium, all-natural ingredients for the best recovery drink on the planet.

***no other discounts can be applied to this offer

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"Great stuff"

Tim on 9/15/2016 4:25:12 PM

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Your Thoughts about the Product: Very good products. Used it for the Singletrack 3. Definitely the most digestible product I have ever used.

"Infinit Ride - Triathlon Review"

Jeffrey Binda on 7/6/2015 9:21:21 AM

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Your Thoughts about the Product: I train for long distance triathlons and really enjoy the Infinit line of products. I have tried many other products and was constantly having to use a combination of gels/liquid/solids on the bike segments - however, in using the Infinit Ride on the bike I am able to meet all my race calorie/fueling requirements with one easy to mix product. Ride does not upset my stomach and with a couple of bottles leaves me feeling full and fueled for the run. Great product, would highly recommend.