Quick-Start Phone Consultation (Silver)

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30 MIN Nutritional Consultation + 25 Serving Package

20 - 30 min nutrition consult that will result in the creation of your Custom Fuel matched to optimize your calorie deficit, hydration/electrolyte levels and your personal preferences like taste to ensure you are fuelled perfectly to tackle anything.

Key nutritional guidance to ensure you are armed with critical knowledge on Osmolality which when used correctly is the difference between thriving and surviving on a race course.

We will discuss how to complete a Fluid Rate Loss Assessment so you can determine your required rate of fluid intake per hour for training and racing. We will provide the template and even complete the calculations for you, it so important that not only your fuel is dialled in, but also your fluid intake, we want you to perform at your best.

Lastly we will send you 25 servings of your new Custom Fuel so you can feel the difference it makes on the way you train and recover.

That's Incredible:**
What's the incredible thing about Infinit Canada? We manufacture ultra-premium sports-specific nutrition right here in Canada, of course, but you can also order a fully custom sports nutrition product to match your own exact unique nutritional needs, too. .
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Quick-Start Phone Consultation (Silver)
Quick-Start Phone Consultation (Silver)
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INFINIT Nutrition is making a custom nutrition easy. This personalized interview by one of INFINIT's staff experts will create a custom blended sports drink made just for you. You will have your own personal formulation that you can go all day long with your custom drink and have it taste just the way you want. No more bars, syrupy and overly sweet sports drinks, or gels. You will get all the calories, electrolyte in your custom mix. It's that easy.
If you've been looking to find a better nutrition solution, this phone interview consultation is the easiest and the perfect way to lock-in a formula specific to YOUR tastes, electrolyte and calorie needs with a sports drink brand trusted by endurance athletes around the world...

The upgraded Silver version increases the number of servings from 5 to 25 and we will complete a fluid assessment with you.  Result is that you will come away with your fluid loss rate, which will then be a number that you use to hydrate to for your training and racing.  Knowing this number and hydrating optimally to be  approximately 2% dehydrated will have you performing better than ever, recovering stronger and feeling better. 

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