ICE - Pre/Intra Hockey Fuel (LARGE)

Used and Trusted by Calgary Flames Defencemen Dougie Hamilton.

Water alone cannot support your best performance!
ICE was first created for the Hamilton brothers who were trying to improve their on-ice performance and promote optimum recovery. It provides a good amount of energy from carbs and protein along with the required electrolytes to keep you at your best all game long.

ICE has a light all natural grape flavour, will support optimum muscle function while, never interfering with performance.

Osmolality: 206
Calories/Serving: 169
Cost/Serving: $1.84
Cost/100 Calories: $1.09
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Price: $59.95
ICE - Pre/Intra Hockey Fuel (LARGE)
ICE - Pre/Intra Hockey Fuel (LARGE)
Product Details
Running out of energy and not recovering optimally?  ICE will change that.

Replacing depleted energy and electrolytes while on ice is key in promoting peak performance and full recovery. 

Carbohydrates are coming from 3 sources: sucrose, dextose and maltodextrin, this improves absorption, which gets more energy to your muscles, faster.  Optimum level of electrolytes are blended in to ensure you remain well hydrated all game long.  All blended with a light grape flavour, easy to drink and never in the way of your performance.

Common Uses: 
Hockey - games and practices

How to Use: 1 serving per hour during workouts.  Mix 1 serving with 600 ml of water.

Servings: 32 servings per packet

Flavour: All natural Grape Flavour

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