JET FUEL - SINGLE (Citrus Blast)

Feel & Taste the Difference
Jet Fuel was first created for our Canadian Olympic athletes competing in explosive events like swimming, track and middle distance events. With Jet Fuel's low osmolality, it is designed to be emptied from your stomach immediately regardless of heart rate, and than absorbed quickly across the small intestine. Jet Fuel will ensure your calorie deficit is managed, hydration and electrolyte levels are optimized so you avoid muscle cramping and maintain optimum muscle function.

You will never have to dilute your sugary sports drink again, get all of what you need and none of what you don't.

Osmolality: 183
Calories/Serving: 159
Cost/Serving: $3.45
Cost/100 Calories: $2.17
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Price: $3.45
JET FUEL - SINGLE (Citrus Blast)
JET FUEL - SINGLE (Citrus Blast)
Product Details
Your game short & fast?  Jet Fuel has you covered!

Depending on your pre-workout routines, Jet Fuel can be used as a pre-hydration and then as a workout blend.  As a pre-hydration, drink a half of serving prior to your workout.  During workouts average sized athletes should consume a serving an hour.

Carbohydrates are coming from 3 sources: sucrose, dextose and maltodextrin, this maximizes the amount of calories used.  Low levels of sodium are present to maintain hydration levels.  All blended with a light flavour, easy to drink and never in the way of your performance.

Common Uses:
Swimming, Spinning, Running/Cycling lasting 90 minutes or less.

How to Use: 1 serving per hour during workouts.  Mix 1 serving with 600 ml of water.

Servings: 1 serving per packet

Flavour: All natural Citrus Blast

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"My fav"

Wendy Ahlefeldt on 7/27/2019 5:42:09 AM

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Your Thoughts about the Product: This stuff is AWESOME, tastes great and has sure helped me on those 10-15km runs that I don’t wanna do.

"Best infinit product"

Dan on 9/21/2015 7:55:02 AM

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Your Thoughts about the Product: This hydration mix is the best I've tried. Flavour is excellent, but not so intense that it gets old with a long event. I know it's for swimming but I use it for both cycling and swimming because it seems to go down the best with the least amount of stomach trouble. It's my favourite infinit product. Great taste, great mix of fuels (fast and slow carbs), digests easily and rapidly, well-designed electrolyte profile. Note that the electrolytes aren't as high as some other blends so for a very lon... More details