Product Comparison

The Infinit Canada Difference

When comparing to other products, the Infinit Difference comes down to three main factors: (1) Quality of Ingredients (without exception, the highest quality available), (2) Osmolality (the ability for your body to effectively absorb the nutrients and calories), and unique ability for (3) Sport and Athlete-based Customization. In addition to those elements, we pride ourselves on the dollar to dollar value of our products, the absolute highest level of customer service, and the production of our entire stock of product, custom and preset, in Canada at our Windsor, ON facility.

Product Comparison Overview

We have compared our Infinit Canada custom offering to two respected sports nutrition companies: eLoad and Hammer.

Hammer Perpetuem + 3-6 Endurolytes = 260 cal, 351-471mg sodium & 6 g protein. Cost/Serving: $2.69 (351mg) to $3.38 (471mg).

eLoad Endurance + FLY = 288 cal, 370 mg sodium & 0 g protein.  Cost/Serving: $2.68

eLoad Endurance + FLY + 1 ZoneCap = 288 cal, 640 mg sodium & 0 g protein.  Cost/Serving: $3.07

Infinit Canada Custom = between 220 & 300 calories (typical), right amount of sodium - typically between 330 and 600 mg, 0 - 10 g or protein (typically between 2-6 for endurance athletes).  Other options include adding BCAA's and varying the intensity of flavour.  All mixed together safely at a concentration that is lower than your bodily fluids and therefore easily and readily absorbed as long as you chose to go.

Infinit is safe and simple and customized to you.  At $2.40 per serving, it's also a great value.

Little Know Fact: Infinit Nutrition Canada CEO, Darcy Haggith, fuelled on an all liquid nutrition for the 2004 Lake Placid Ironman - his choice was Hammer Nutrition.  After not being able to consume enough of the Perpetuem/Hammer Gel/Edurolytes blend during the race due to the thick nature of the blend, he was left looking for a better solution.  He found and purchased Infinit from the US.  In 2006 he bought the rights to Canada and the rest is history.

Product Comparison Notes

Sports nutrition is a science, of course, but it doesn't have to be as complex as some nutrition companies would have you believe. One of the most important factors relating to sports nutrition is concentration of what ends up in your stomach. Many different types of fuels: gels, pills, liquids and bars. They all end-up having an impact on the concentration of the fluids in your stomach. This is where the basic science comes in, remember when we were taught about osmosis, simply: that a solvent (liquid) that is a lower concentration will flow through a permeable membrane towards a solvent of higher concentration. What does this mean to an athlete? It means that no matter how much you drink, if the concentration of what you drink is not a lower concentration than your bodily fluids, it simply does not move. In reality, there are some clever receptors in our stomach that will not allow a liquid to be released until it is at a concentration lower than the bodily fluids.

A few factors that are really important when we compare and choose products:
  • Concentration of product (or in stomach fluid if using bars, gels, salt tabs and water) and the amount of total calories available
  • The amount of protein - endurance athletes generally need 2-6g per hr
  • Protein source - not all are equal. New Zealand sourced Whey Isolate is know to have the best amino acid profile of any protein for athletics - Leucine content is 14.3%. This promotes full and immediate recovery. Additionally, the process of isolating the protein strips out all of the undesirable characteristics of dairy , making it really easy on the stomach, great tasting and a snap to mix.
  • Total carbohydrates and sources of carbohydrates. Using several sources of carbs, including maltodextrin has the ability of lowering osmotic pressure, which improves the efficiency and amount of calories that can be absorbed.
  • Electrolyte, including sodium content. In order to stay optimally hydrated and perform at your potential you must ingest the right amount of sodium for you and your environment.

Our Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with every custom product we help you create. We offer a full refund guarantee on your purchase.