How to Customize

As you may know, at Infinit Nutrition Canada we can produce sports nutrition that is customized not only to a particular sport, but also to the exact nutritional requirements of any athlete. This gives us, and YOU, incredible flexibility to ensure you have the right fuel (of the highest quality ingredients) to support your game and help improve your performance.

Why Should You Customize Your Sports Nutrition?

Customizing allows you to create fuel that is designed specifically for you. The formulation will be matched to your body type, sweat rate, the sport, intensity and duration. It will match your needs perfectly and vastly simplify your nutrition plan during training and on race day. Customizing is easy–we make it that way! Simply click Create a Custom Blend (above) to complete our online questionnaire, and we will create a formulation for you.

Using Our 'Quick-Start' Online Interview

No need to worry, if you're visiting for the first time, our system will ask you a quick series of questions, then set the sliders. It's our most popular option. Just complete the interview, name your formula (the name will appear on the nutrition label) and hit 'Order Formula' button.

Ordering a Phone Nutritional Consultation

Like to talk about it? Sounds good, too! A 20 minute call is all it takes. One of our experienced staff will walk you through each step taking all of your nutritional requirements into consideration.

The Infinit Canada Difference

When comparing to other products, the Infinit Difference comes down to three main factors: Quality of Ingredients (without exception, the highest quality available), Osmolality (the ability for your body to effectively absorb the nutrients and calories), and unique ability for Sport and Athlete-based Customization. In addition to those elements, we pride ourselves on the dollar to dollar value of our products, the absolute highest level of customer service, and the production of our entire stock of product, custom and preset, in Canada at our Windsor, ON facility.