Choosing a Fuel

Choosing a Sport-Specific Fuel

The demands on Swimming, Triathlon, CrossFit and Hockey vary greatly. Not surprisingly, to perform at your best, you need a fuel that is designed specifically for your chosen discipline. When a sport requires long efforts, exceeding 3 hrs and are performed at lower heart rates, blends are created that maximize the caloric intake from carbohydrates and protein while still being isotonic (less concentrated) than the bodily fluids. Conversely, a sport like Hockey requires a blend that is lower in calories and electrolytes to keep the blend at a lower concentration. This ensures that fluids and energy are absorbed rapidly at elevated heart rates without interfering you performance.

Our Sport-Specific Fuel Systems are designed to optimally fuel, hydrate and promote full recovery. The key is to maximize your energy consumption during performance and follow up with a recovery product immediately after performance. The result? You perform to your full potential today and you are fully recovered for tomorrow. Click here to grab a PDF copy of our Sport-Specific Fuel Guide for additional detail.

Creating Your Own Custom Formula

Custom formulations takes sports nutrition one-step further. While keeping in mind the sport discipline, intensity and duration we now start to consider your personal characteristics. No two athletes are identical – we sweat differently, our salt:sweat concentration, taste preferences and symptoms can vary dramatically. Customizing allows fine-tuning of the blends so they are matched specifically to each athletes unique needs and preferences. Ultimately, this results in an athlete getting more of the best fuel possible. This means an athlete will perform at their best and recover fully day in day out. With the custom formula, overall fitness and strength levels are increased. Ready to go? Click 'Create a Custom Blend' above.

A Word about Recovery Products

Our position is that your recovery starts while you are training or competing by ingesting a drink at the right concentration, that best manages your calorie deficit. Having some good nutrients in your system while you are at heart rate initiates the recovery process. Immediately after a training session is complete, it is imperative to get in a good quality recovery drink within 30 minutes that is going to support protein synthesis, glycogen synthesis and re-hydration. Two of our most popular recovery blends are REPAIR and RESCUE. Repair is a 4:1 Carb to Protein blend that is more suited for endurance athletes, needing to replenish their carbohydrate stores and supporting protein synthesis. Rescue is a 2:1 Carb to Protein blend that best supports heavier strength efforts while providing a lower level of carbohydrates.

The Infinit Canada Difference

When comparing to other products, the Infinit Difference comes down to three main factors: Quality of Ingredients (without exception, the highest quality available), Osmolality (the ability for your body to effectively absorb the nutrients and calories), and unique ability for Sport and Athlete-based Customization. In addition to those elements, we pride ourselves on the dollar to dollar value of our products, the absolute highest level of customer service, and the production of our entire stock of product, custom and preset, in Canada at our Windsor, ON facility.