Our Products: Strength
Our Infinit Strength blends were created with and for athletes competing in CrossFit.  Over a 5 month period we worked with some of the top athletes in Canada, including Erica Livett and Jolaine Bloom -  The blends were tweaked several times until we arrived at our final formulations.  They contain real fuel that has been proven for years to be the key in full recovery after intense workouts. Our proteins are best in class - you will not find a protein with a higher BCAA content, which drives complete muscle repair and associated growth.  Check out the 3 products that make up our Strength Fuel System: X-Cite (pre/during), Rescue (recovery) and Raw (straight New Zealand sourced protein as required). We also offer a number of supplementary blends, including BCAA's, creatine and muscle-building sleep drinks. If these blends do not meet your exact needs - go Custom!
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