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The Infinit Canada Cycling Fuel System has been created to meet heavy demands of cycling.  Whether you are riding 1000 km a week or you are a weekend warrior, fuelling well will make you faster and will make you feel better.  Infinit Ride is formulated to maximize your caloric intake, keep you optimally hydrated and will initiate the recovery process.  Pairing Ride with Repair 30 minutes following intense rides will complete the recovery process - fully supporting the required protein synthesis which results in muscle growth.  Raw is always there when you are struggling to ingest enough protein through real food to support any cycling volume.

Training for mountain biking? Fuel like 24 hour Mountain Bike athlete Julie Kelly. On the road instead of the trails? Russ Hayes Cycling fuels on Infinit! Also ideal for BMX athletes like Canadian Elite Drew Mechielsen or Sprint Cyclists like Kate O'Brien
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