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Infinit Ice was created to fill a need in the hockey world today. Other sports have long known the value of high quality carbs, protein and branched chain amino acids – fuelling hockey players to their full potential is not just about water and electrolytes. Ice is formulated to be easy drinking. It never gets in the way of your game, but provides you with the nutrients you need to get through any game or practice.  

Fuel like Dougie Hamilton - defenseman Calgary Flames. "I have been using Infinit for over five years, knowing they were the choice for many Canadian Olympians and that the hockey line was created together with sport dietitians at CSI. All angles of my hockey nutrition are handled through the Hockey Line – INFINIT ICE, INFINIT REPAIR, and INFINIT RAW. INFINIT has been a key enabler as I have progressed through Junior Hockey and now the pros!”

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