Obstacle Course Racing

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It is no secret that Obstacle Course Racing is hard on the body, and without proper hydration and fuelling, you could see your performances sacrificed. Infinit has worked with two of the top Obstacle Course Racers to create the perfect blend of fuel for your next race day. Olympian and Canadian OCR racer Marc-André Bédard and 2X Spartan World Champion Claude Godbout have tested, and loved, our line of OCR fuel. X-cite will prepare and support you throughout your training and races, Repair is for your post-workout recovery needs, and MUD is your go-to pick-me-up for anytime of the day. The HydraQuiver Single Barrel pack will make fuelling during races simple and convenient. 

Marc-André Bédard: Olympic Biathlete, Canadian Obstacle Course Racer
"The next level in your performance is to customize your race fuel. Infinit gives us OCR specific products to up our game and fuel the high needs of this amazing, gruelling sport."

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