Infinit Quick-Start Interview
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What is your weight?
-110 110-130 135-160 160-185 +185

Are you male or female? MALE FEMALE

What is your primary sport?

How long are your primary training sessions or races?
< 1 hour 1-3 3-5 5-10 10+ hours

How strong do you like the flavor of your beverages?
Weak Light Moderate Strong Extra Strong

I am looking to shed a few pounds. Yes No

Describe your sweat rate during a work-out.
Minimal Light Moderate Heavy Drenched

Do you experience muscle cramps during work-outs?
Never Seldom Occasionally Often

How salty or crusty are you after a work-out?
Minimal Light Medium Heavy Crusty

Drink flavour must NOT be too strong. True False

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