We've Created the Perfect Fuel for Crossfit Athletes

Upgrade Your Fuel Today. If You Aren't Totally Impressed, We'll Refund Your Money.

Our Infinit Strength Fuel System was created directly with and specifically for some of the top Crossfit athletes competing in Canada today. Using our extensive experience working with elite Canadian athletes for the past six years, we spent over five months working with Crossfit athletes, including Erica Livett,  Jolaine Bloom and Kyle Cant, to carefully consider the nutritional requirements for the sport and then create a dedicated full fuel system for Crossfit athletes unlike anything else on the market. Here's how we did it.

Emily Abbott
and Brent Fikowski both started using Infinit after last year's West Regionals - they knew they needed to improve their overall strength while preserving their huge engines.  They have both made great gains and ended at or near the top in this year's Open.

Three Reasons to Switch to Infinit Canada Today:

1. It's the Highest Quality, Most Appropriate Fuel for Crossfit
Every product in our Strength Fuel System contains real fuel of the highest quality that has been proven for years to be the key in full recovery after intense workouts. Our proteins are the absolute best in class - you will not find a protein with a higher BCAA content - which drives complete muscle repair and associated growth. Our Strength Fuel System completely supports preworkout, during WOD, and recovery. It also ensures glycogen is replaced, hydration levels are restored, and the growth and repair of muscle is fully supporting. The net effect is athletes are able to go deeper in workouts, get through plateaus, and fully recovery to hit it again tomorrow. Additionally, our blends contain no artificial sweeteners, colours, or flavours, just fuel, including carbohydrates.

2. The Numbers Don't Lie
The number of respected Crossfit clubs and boxes converting to Infinit, the number of Crossfit athletes using Infinit to perform at top levels, and the raw and objective comparison of our product to our comparable nutrition products used by Crossfit athletes tells the real story: Infinit Canada is helping to maximize athletes' performances and the results are undeniable. We invite you to download our one-page comparison sheet and see for yourself how the numbers stack up.

3. True Canadian Value
We proudly produce our ultrapremium product right here in Canada. Calorie for calorie we provide the absolute best value, worthy of your hard-earned dollar, and our name on the label. Please download our Strength Fuel Comparison Chart for specifics on price.

Still Not Convinced? Don't Take Our Word For It!

We'd love to hear from you to answer any questions you might have... but please don't take our word alone. Pick up the phone and call one of these trusted boxes and ask their honest opinion about working with Infinit and how our products have been received by their community:

  • CrossFit WHL - Windsor Bobby Tran (Owner) [+]
  • CrossFit North Okanagan - Vernon Garth Cooke (Owner) [+]
  • CrossFit North Vancouver - Dave Kitchen [+]
  • CrossFit Fraser Valley/Hybrid Athletics - Nate Beveridge [+]
  • CrossFit Whistler - Jordan Glasser (Owner) [+]
  • Last, we invite you to visit our blog at TeamInfinit.ca and read the stories of countless endurance athletes who have discovered the benefits of upgrading to sport-specific or fully custom Infinit fuel. Ready to get started with Infinit's Strength Fuel System? Click here.