Partnering With Infinit - What Does It Mean To You?

At the end of 2013 we started working with 4 Regional Athletes and a few box owners to create a fuelling system for CrossFit athletes that would keep all of what is good and address some of the gaps that existed with some of the products already being offered.  This process took about 4 months in total - to create the blends that met the nutritional requirements, tasted great and mixed effortlessly. Switch to Infinit

Once we had the products in place we started talking with owners/coaches; we asked what they liked about selling products and what they didn't like.  On the "could be better" side, we heard:
  • Products were too expensive to the end user, if suggested retail selling price was maintained
  • Margins were too small
  • Required purchase quantities were too large
  • Little or no product support offered
  • Product often sat for long periods of time, risk of expiring
  • Managing the program was not worth the financial benefit
With this information we made certain that the Fuelling System was not only a big hit with the athlete, but also something that was truly valued by the box owner!

Partnership Highlights:
  • Margins are strong and fair
  • Order quantities are what makes sense for owners
  • Product support offered - in person sports nutrition talks or webinars for members
  • Sharing of product science behind each of the blends
  • Flexibility - like to see a new product or a variation of an existing product?  Ask!  This is how we evolve.  Chocolate Raw, Rescue-Plus and Beta Alanine/BCAA Blend all have been created together with box owners that wanted to tap into our custom process.  These are now offered at boxes and on our site.
Your athletes need to be supported.  They train hard and follow your direction.  Failure to fuel optimally during workouts and immediately after does not allow athletes to get the absolute most out of your programming or the work they are completing.  Impact of not fuelling completely:
  • Athletes plateau
  • Athletes are sore and achey
  • Athletes are at risk of becoming injured
  • Athletes become demoralized and their commitment to you and CrossFit diminishes, retention rates are decreased.
A number of athletes are using sports nutrition as a tool to yield the maximum benefit from the coaching and work performed in your facility. Selling the wrong products or no products at all means they will turn somewhere else to get their fuel. By not offering a fuel system, owners are losing a big opportunity to know their athletes are fuelling optimally and of course, they are losing a revenue stream that other businesses are generating.

We have several boxes that we have been partnered with for better than a year now. One of the local clubs here in Windsor (where the product is manufactured), is run by Bobby Tran - CrossFit The Workhorse Lifestyle (WHL).  This medium sized facility that orders on average 1 - 2 times per month, has generated revenue that is on par with 10 additional members and money to his bottom line that equates to having 4 additional members on board. Additionally there has been a positive impact on the members:
  • Increased performance - breaking through plateaus
  • Decrease in muscle soreness and achiness 
  • Better attendance
  • Feeling better and more energized post workout
"Infinit Nutrition is the real deal. I'm very grateful that Darcy walked through our doors that day. It has been a worthwhile relationship with a very bright future!" - Bobby Tran, owner CrossFit WHL. Read more about our partnership with WHL here...

We have a system that will help your athletes and help your overall business.  Feel free to contact me directly at or 519-567-8851.  Rather talk directly with an owner in your area - we will connect you.

We look forward to fuelling better results for your athletes, you and your business.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada