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Our Products: Keto Krazy

Keto Krazy is an all Canadian brand that has emerged from our corporate brand,  Infinit Nutrition Canada, established in 2006.   Infinit produces premium sports nutrition and protein products for everyday people through to Canada’s most elite athletes, including those performing on the world stage.  Along the way we found our niche in the nutrition world; we use the absolute highest quality ingredients and customize to meet our customers’ needs and preferences.

While we do not promote any specific way of eating, we have been encouraged by our customers to create products that are supportive of their low carbohydrate lifestyles. With this in mind, we decided to start a separate brand - Keto Krazy - that features products that are supportive of a Ketogenic diet.  At Infinit, we have always promoted a ‘real food first’ mentality: products offered at Infinit and Keto Krazy are here to support you in achieving your target macronutrients specific to your wants, activity levels and goals. We hope that we are part of you achieving your fullest potential.

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